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AI Applications for Clear Marketing Simulation and Optimization
Understanding how marketing drives business outcomes remains one of the greatest challenges for a marketer today, despite the attention it has received over the last decade.
Historically attribution models have failed to deliver for three major reasons:
  • They take too long and require too many resources to build
  • They are too dependent on historical data and don’t represent “current” conditions
  • They are not useful as tools to help manage the business
Marketers need models that can demonstrate the impact that their efforts historically have had across the whole customer conversion path and provide an environment that allows them to test new plans with the confidence that their model represents the “facts on the ground”.
At glitchAI we believe that modeling attribution needed to change, so we changed it.
Our models can be built in days. Our models leverage data flows that exist outside your internal resources. Our models run continuously.
As glitchAI is designed by marketing operators, the difference you will experience happens because:
  • glitchAI understands your business outcomes and the drivers behind them
  • glitchAI knows better than your competitors what is driving your category
  • glitchAI responds when tactics go awry (glitch) and creates advantage while your competitors are still unaware
  • glitchAI continuously tests in simulation the likely tactics your competition can deploy
Managed Services based MMM
  • a2+ is our managed services based MMM platform offering marketing insight into complex data and businesses

  • a2+ is generally the best choice when business data are so complex or messy that its has stalled your efforts to implement this critical application in the business

  • Our data architects and engineers can help extract and ensure the data hygiene required for marketing insight

  • Our experienced Engagement Directors can ensure your custom project delivers a simulation environment to drive your business goals 

Fully Automated MMM
  • a2 is our fully automated MMM platform, offering immediate and continuous insights into your marketing performance

  • a2 offers marketers models in mere days leveraging no-touch data access (API driven), allowing our machine learning engine, Aimee, to build thousands of potential models to drive business insight

  • a2 is generally the best choice when your business data are more easily accessible via API or you want to take advantage of our fully 3rd party driven environment for immediate real-time simulation access (US only)

AI Driven TV Optimization
  • a2tv is our TV attribution platform offering near real-time insights into TV performance at the Station, Creative and Time of Day level through our intuitive platform, or via direct data access.

  • Our machine learning engine, Amiee, provides any user clear business driven insights for campaign optimization,

  • a2tv is the best solution when the primary problem of is how to manage your TV budgets during a live campaign, driving performance improvement throughout the campaign

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