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TWO NIL's Pledge

TWO NIL and Juice Media stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues and the greater Black community. We oppose police brutality and condemn any racist acts. Our business is committed to being an anti-racist organization where we actively move towards eliminating any discrimination in the workplace while also educating our employees about the importance of racial equality. With this we pledge our support by donating to the following organizations that aim to support racial equity: Equal Justice Initiative, Black Voters Matter Fund, and Black Girls Code.

Employees will have the opportunity to participate in our yearly match program, where we will match up to $500 per individual who donates to an organization of their choice. We also encourage employees to volunteer their time through our new “40 Love” program. This program allows the team to use up to 40 work hours annually towards volunteering and supporting those in need. Along with capital support and volunteer programs, Election Day and Juneteenth will now be official company holidays!

We will continue to develop more diversity and inclusion initiatives as we continue to stand up for the fight against racism.

Black Lives Matter, always.

Mark Zamuner, CEO

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