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Breaking into the Workout World: Apple Fitness Plus

Sources: Business Insider, MSN

Apple is going head to head with key players in the fitness industry as they introduce their new subscription service- Apple Fitness Plus. Apple’s service will especially appeal to those who cannot afford expensive equipment for Peloton’s machine-centric workouts, this means a more broad audience.

While demand for at-home and virtual fitness has skyrocketed during the pandemic, experts are wary of the long-term success of a program like Apple's - and the opportunity to make an immediate splash while there are still restrictions across the country.


"Apple needs to make an immediate splash with this venture and capture users before restrictions become more loose coming out of COVID," Artacho told Business Insider. "There are many people who are anxious to go back to the gym, but many who are also concerned about being back in the gym environment. If Apple can successfully win the users who are leaning to the latter, then they would likely increase the chances of these users becoming long-term subscribers and never going back to a traditional gym."

- Andre Artacho, Managing Director

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