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How Privacy Updates Affect Targeting

Source: Practical Ecommerce


Privacy Changes to Apple and Chrome

Apple Update:

  • Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a number given randomly to Apple devices in order to track data without truly revealing of personal information. This allows for more custom experiences. Starting 2021, users will be given the option to opt-in instead of have to manually opt-out of IDFA.

Chrome Update:

  • Cookies is the digital footprint that websites use to monitor your data in order to give you a better browser experience. Google Chrome will be getting rid of third party cookie tools by 2022.


Effects on Advertising:

  • Harder to control frequency as there will be no “identity” to track among publishers

  • The effectiveness of lookalikes may diminish across channels


“If [advertisers] are buying across multiple companies or multiple publishers … it is going to be more complex to control frequency across devices, across platforms, across apps, and so on because now they will have [to manage ads] directly for each publisher.”

Andre Artacho - Managing Director

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