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What VF Corp can learn from newly acquired Supreme


“With VF acquiring Supreme, it will improve its overall e-commerce abilities, which has become a critical element for sneaker and apparel brands during the Covid-19 pandemic. VF will also gain access to a growing younger market, who are willing to spend upwards of $100 for a T-shirt and will purchase products so feverishly that new collections sell out in minutes.”

Andre Artacho - Managing Director

VF Learnings from Supreme

DTC Means Growth:

  • Long-term value creation from Supreme’s committed DTC consumers and its already strong brand awareness

  • Further advancement of VF’s hyper-digital business model as Supreme enhances its online presence

  • DTC for VF has grown by 44% according to their October earnings report, meaning acquiring Supreme will help continue this

  • All other types of sales were down YoY due to the pandemic, but DTC is now VF’s strongest segment

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